FiPL Funded Projects A-Z

This page is still in development: Browse our FiPL funded projects to see and get involved with some of the fantastic work that is being done across Cornwall’s protected landscape…

This page is still in development:

Browse our FiPL funded projects to see and get involved with some of the fantastic work that is being done across Cornwall’s protected landscape by our dedicated farmers and land managers.


Ardevora Farm:

FiPL helped fund the conversion of an area of improved pasture, with very limited biodiversity, into an area rich in diverse flora and associated biodiversity.


Boscarnon Farm:

Cattle naturally grazed on the coastal pastures and heaths of the Lizard Peninsula.

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Bruggan Farm:

Bosavern Community Farm:

Beach Guardians:

Boskenna Farm:


Castle Dewey:

Cabilla Cornwall: Expanding temperate rainforest, restoring soil health and removing non-native species.

Promoting mental health and wellbeing through the land.

Court Farm:

CREST: Cornwall Rural Education and Skills Trust

Raising awareness about Cornish hedges and training people to build traditional Cornish hedges

Chapel Carn Brea:

The Cornish Seaweed Company:


Devon Wildlife Trust:

FiPL helped fund the repair the cob walls and roof timbers of a small stone and cob building in the Marsland Nature Reserve which is an important roost site for a number of bat species.



FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group):


Goonown Growers: A community market garden for St Agnes & surrounds

Volunteering opportunities

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Galowras Farm:

Goongillings Farm:

A family farm; originally dairy and arable covering 150 acres. FiPL funded increased species diversity, soil analysis and infrastructure for visitor access.

You can stay on site at the farms accommodation.

Gwealvellan Farm:

Godrevy Warren:


Heligan – Beaver Project:

Higher Keigwin Farm:

HeLEN (Herbal Ley Establishment Network):





Leyonne Farm:

FiPL has helped fund the transformation of a dairy unit into a landscape with increased tree canopy cover, greater biodiversity, enhanced capacity for carbon sequestration and introduce a range of additional environmental benefits across the farm.

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming):


La Hayes


Monumental Improvement:

Meadow Match:


National Trust – South East Cornwall:



Pigshill & Clarrick Woods:

Pendrift Farm:

Penwith Moors & St Ives Bay Grazing:

Pasture for Life:



Rosuick Farm:

An organic farm with Welsh Black Cattle. Rosuick is open for farm visits, events & has accommodation on site.

Restronguet Barton Farm:

Malting barley on this farm goes into local Cornish Ale.

The farm is also accessible for camping, weddings and holiday lets.

Rame Conservation Trust:

Rectory Farm:


Seaswept Farm:

A farm moving from intensive to regenerative agriculture.

Get involved through volunteering

Sunset Farm:

FiPL helped fund machinery to help bracken and fire break control, herbal ley enhancements and interpretation panels for visitors to the ancient farmed landscape near St Just.


Tregaminion Farm:

Treveor Farm:

FIPL has helped fund the conversion of farmland from conventional plough-based systems with full inversion tillage to a reduced tillage or minimum tillage system with a cultivator and seeder.

Trevedra Farm:

Tretharrup Farm:

FiPL helped fund the creation of new hedgerows and enhance existing hedgerows across the farm to provide multiple environmental and landscape benefits.

Trefusis Estate:


Tregew Farm:

Regenerative Farm hosting 7 tenants.

Buy local food & get involved!

Treveor Farm:

Treveddoe Farm:

FiPL helped fund the introduction of native breed cattle and a ‘mob grazing’ system across the farm using a 100% pasture fed system and no artificial inputs with a view to helping to build a larger influence over the local area.

Trengwainton Farm:

Trembothick Farm (In the Vellyn):




Working Woodlands:




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