Environmental Landscape Fund (ELF)

Our grants provide opportunities for local organisations, individuals, community groups and businesses to take action for people, place, nature and climate.

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We offer grant funding to support the conservation and enhancement of our protected landscape in Cornwall

We provide grants up to £500 to help kick-start projects in local communities, enable proactive individuals, support larger projects and to ensure that more people are engaged with the benefits of protected landscape increasing education and access for all.

Projects should support and deliver the Cornwall National Landscape (AONB) Management Plan policies, aims and objectives. Projects can support one or more main policies, aims and objectives or target those from one of the 12 sections of the protected landscape. All grants must support our mission to ensure the regeneration of the protected landscape for nature, communities and visitors. To be eligible projects must be undertaken within a section of the protected landscape or directly and positively impact one of the sections. Applications must be able to demonstrate how this will take place.

Application process

Step 1 - Read the Cornwall National Landscape (AONB) Management Plan

Check out the policies, aims and objectives of the protected landscape - as well as the local section where your project is going to take place. Make a note of which aims and objectives that your project will achieve to include in your application.

Step 2 - Consider how your project supports our mission

Make sure to include how you will advocate for the protected landscape in Cornwall as part of your project outcomes. Our mission is to ensure the regeneration of the protected landscape for nature, communities and visitors. Together we can take care of the landscape and environment for a more sustainable future.

Step 1 - Fill out application

Submit your application using the form on this page. Don't forget to include any statistics about what your project will do, identify the timeline for completion - our grants are paid in arrears - and include any additional information which supports your application.

Apply to fund your project

Read through the checklist before submitting your application. Once you have submitted you will receive an email to tell you that this has been sent to be reviewed by the board of Trustees at the next Trustee meeting. Please note that this can take up to 8 weeks. Your application will be considered, we may need to ask you for more information if we feel we don't understand aspects of your project proposal.

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When you donate to the Cornwall AONB Trust, you’re not just a donor—you become an essential part of a community dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Cornwall’s most special landscapes. Your financial contribution goes directly to caring for the protected landscape, primarily by supporting local projects via our Environmental Landscape Fund.

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