Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) is a 4-year programme providing grant-funding for Farmers and Landowners designed to deliver for People, Place, Nature and Climate. The programme is funded by Defra and delivered by Cornwall National Landscape.

This project is running until March 2025.


FiPL is an innovative programme which allows farmers creative opportunities to do more for people, place, nature and climate on-farm.


FiPL is helping to address the climate and biodiversity crisis, improve people’s engagement with the landscape, and support sustainable farm businesses and communities.

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Who Can Apply

Who Can Apply

The FiPL programme focuses on the key challenges facing farmers, land managers and communities in Protected Landscapes. It is open to all farmers and land managers within the Cornwall National Landscape.

You must manage all the land in the application and have control of the activities you’d like to undertake, or you must have written consent from all parties who have this management and control.

Other organisations and individuals can apply, as long as they do this in collaboration with a farmer or land manager, or in support of a farmer or group of farmers.

Common land is eligible for support through the programme. You can apply as a landowner with sole rights, or as a group of commoners acting together.

The programme is aimed at land within the 12 Sections of Cornwall National Landscape, recognising its special value. Applications which include land outside the protected landscape boundaries may be considered where project activity is on land close to the protected landscape and can be shown to bring benefit to the protected landscape itself.

Getting Funding

The first step is to fill out an EOI form (see button below) with a short summary of your project idea. Once you have submitted the form, we will be in touch.

*Please note, this programme is now in its final year and therefore funding is extremely limited. Wait times to hear back from our FiPL team may be around 4 weeks*

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Our Primary Purpose is to conserve and enhance Natural Beauty.

Our priority is to lead and support projects which deliver under these four key categories.

benefit to people


Farmers and land managers are supported through the agricultural transition. More people are connected to the landscape.

benefit to place


The protected landscape is conserved and enhanced through the work of pioneering environmental land management.

benefit to nature


Projects benefit increasing biodiversity in a sustainable, resilient farm business.

benefit to climate


Project support ecosystem services which seek to mitigate against climate change. Sequestering and storing carbon and natural flood management and Cornish Hedges.

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Project Detail

Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) will work alongside – not in competition with – existing schemes and add value where it is most needed. If activities can be delivered through existing schemes, then this approach will be encouraged.


Over the longer term, we envisage the Sustainable Farming Incentive, the Local Nature Recovery scheme and the Landscape Recovery scheme playing a significant role across these landscapes, with farmers who lead on FiPL projects taking part in one of these schemes. Read more about the Agricultural Transition Plan and Future Schemes.

Applications for over £10,000 will be judged by the Cornwall National Landscape Partnership Local Assessment Panel, made up of 8 to 12 people. It will include representatives from the Cornwall National Landscape Partnership, Natural England, representatives from the farming and land management community, and other specialists.

Applications for less than £10,000 will be decided upon by a senior member of the Partnership team who has had no direct involvement with the application.

Visit Government website for more information.

Case Studies

Case study

This is the description of the case study.

Value of project £158, 051.61

FiPL funding awarded £137,161.61

Area of project c. initially 15 hectares with ambitions to grow to 430 hectares

To manage and create new priority habitat on a landscape scale across the Lizard Peninsula that will enhance biodiversity and support a long-term sustainable nature friendly farming business.

Value of project £106,405.87

FiPL funding awarded £100,932.99

Area of project c. 92 hectares

To catalyse the transformation of species poor permanent pasture into native woodland and species rich grassland creating a naturalistic landscape using permaculture and rewilding approaches.

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