Kerdroya – Celebrating 60 years of Cornwall National Landscape

Kerdroya is an immersive land-art experience. A physical celebration of our 60th Anniversary (2019) as well as an opportunity to celebrate one of the most important heritage and biodiversity features of the landscape – the Cornish hedge.

In 2019 the Cornwall National Landscape celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of the designation of Cornwall’s protected landscape in 1959. The Kerdroya project, working in partnership with Golden Tree Productions, will be our largest celebration of this important milestone.


It is a physical celebration of this important milestone and an opportunity to celebrate one of the most special aspects of Cornwall National Landscape – the humble Cornish hedge.


Raising the profile of the Cornish hedge. Y’gan keow y hwhelir anethow! Cornish hedges are one of our great unsung wonders!

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Project Overview

Project Overview

Of all the human-created features of our landscape, First Prize for impact, beauty and function (as well as geological, ecological and cultural significance) goes to the humble Cornish hedge. Claimed to be amongst the oldest human-built structures in the world still in use for their original purpose, some are perhaps more than 4000 years old. With locally distinctive building styles celebrating the micro-geology of place, our hedges create the characteristic field-patterns of the Cornish landscape.

Aims - Goals & Objectives

Aims – Goals & Objectives


Increasing public awareness of the value of the National Landscape to Cornwall as an extraordinary environmental, social, cultural and economic asset.


Encouraging more people to experience the protected landscape and feel healthier and happier for it. There is an emphasis on participation.


Increasing people’s understanding of the distinctive environment, communities and history of each of the 12 Sections of the National Landscape.


Inspiring communities within Cornwall National Landscape to celebrate their special environment and status.


Contributing to the profile of the protected landscape by encouraging contemporary cultural activity that responds to the distinctive environment.

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Our Primary Purpose is to conserve and enhance Natural Beauty.

Our priority is to lead and support projects which deliver under these four key categories.

benefit to people


More people will be connected with Cornish heritage.

benefit to place


The site will be enhanced by the creation of an art in the landscape feature and Cornish hedging.

benefit to nature


There will be increased biodiversity and connectivity for nature with increased habitat.

benefit to climate


Tree planting and creation of traditional Cornish hedges will sequester and store more carbon.

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Project Detail

There are about 30,000 miles of hedge across Cornwall today: vital nature reserves, linking corridors that connect all 12 AONBs with each other and through time with their pre-farming species range. With the recent near-catastrophic decrease in pollinators, hedges’ function as reservoir for tens of thousands of species of insect (plus 600 species of flowering plants) is of critical importance.


On 15th July, 2019 we were proud to host His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall (now King Charles) to help restore one of the 12 hedge sites on the edge of Boscastle in North Cornwall as part of our 60th anniversary celebrations.

Information for Communities and Visitors

Hedge restoration projects in all 12 sections of the Cornwall AONB have taken place as part of the Kerdroya project, with opportunities for local communities to get involved in learning about Cornish hedges and even in helping restore one of the sections.

So far, 17 Community Lectures have been delivered, 26 families have attended free story telling walks and 800 primary school children have explored the site through educational trips or remote learning resources.

Throughout the summer of 2019, local expert hedgers worked with community groups and schools across the 12 AONB sites to pass on knowledge and skills in the ancient craft of Cornish hedging.

Thanks to funding from Cornwall Council, as an integral part of the regeneration of South East Cornwall, Kerdroya will improve the skills and experience for local local people, helping to reinvigorate the art and craft of Cornish hedging for the future.

In Spring 2020, 35 volunteers, 2 horses and 1 sledge helped to salvage 20 tons of previously drowned granite from the shoreline of the reservoir and the groundwork was completed. With the grounders set, the footprint of Cornwall became visible from above.

During 2021, construction began on the challenging, tightly curved section at the Labyrinth’s entrance and the ‘Outdoor University of Cornish Hedging’ was launched – delivering 167 days of training for more than 50 participants.

In 2022 community work and training continued, ahead of construction re-starting on site in Spring 2023.

The Heart of Kerdroya

Image Gemma Wearing

Created by the Thrussells

Gary and Thomas Thrussell

Kerdroya centrepiece in the Labyrinth

The Thrussells are a father and son metal sculptors based in the dramatic Bodmin Moor landscape of Cornwall National Landscape.

Constructing Kerdroya

Hedging Workshop

Image Gemma Wearing

Kerdroya in progress

Image Gemma Wearing

Information for Partners and Stakeholders

In 2018 Golden Tree Productions, the community interest company behind the award-winning Man Engine, were awarded the ‘Diamond Landscapes’ commission for Kerdroya.

Kerdroya will be a major new piece of permanent public art – a 56m diameter classical labyrinth built of Cornish stone hedging at Colliford Lake on Bodmin Moor, Section 12 of Cornwall AONB.

Once complete, visitors will walk a single, meandering path through stretches of artisan stonework that celebrate the aesthetics of distinct hedging styles and geology from across the county. At the very heart of the labyrinth, a 10m circular space opens out to breath-taking views across the moorland and lake.

This site has transformed a disused car park into vital new habitat and will inspire local people and visitors to enjoy and appreciate the wider landscape of Bodmin Moor.

Kerdroya also embraces all 12 sections of the Cornwall AONB and consists of a 12-site trail of restored hedges, encouraging exploration of all sections of the Cornwall AONB, from Rame Head and Hartland to West Penwith.

Partnerships have been built with National Trust, the Pigshill and Clarrick Woodlands Community Interest Company, Cornwall Council, South West Water and South West Lakes Trust, as the landowners of the various hedge sites.

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